Théophile Gautier once said that “truly beautiful is only what is not used for anything. Whatever is useful, is ugly”. The items presented in our store give the lie to this assertion. Design de Vivre offers products that will decorate the interior and add a unique character to your flats, offices or other types of space where you spend time. They are primarily intended to commune with what we believe is truly unique in different types of situations: solemn, like a sumptuous dinner in the dining room, or daily, as the morning toilet in the bathroom.

Carefully selected items and accessories that we present in our boutique come from the best producers in the world. We make sure that they will emphasise the unique style of your interior design not only because of their aesthetics, but also because of their high quality materials. Design de Vivre also offers timeless and exclusive gift ideas for your loved ones.

We hope our extras and accessories will help you adorn your life, because, as Oscar Wilde once said: “The secret of life lies in the search for beauty.”

Our Principles 

  • We are a company which promotes honesty, integrity, values and professional service in every aspect of our activity,
  • We choose our products in person and with an utmost care. Only then are they offered to our customers. All the products are characterized by a unique design, highest quality and functionality,
  • We import only internationally recognized brands which can boast a long tradition and a strong market position,
  • We import only those products which are compatible with local standards,
  • We never offer our customers products that we would not like to have in our own home.